Silent Seduction® For Women - 10 mL Bottle

10 mL bottle used daily - will last approx. 2-3 months. All Silent Seduction® products are intended for external use only. Do not use internally.

Price: $49.99

We are confident that you will receive the personal results you've been waiting for. We guarantee that Silent Seduction® pheromones for Women, has the highest concentration of 11 MG Androstenol + Copulins available on the market.

Begin using Silent Seduction® as soon as you get it. Simply put a few drops on your finger, rubbing it on your wrists, neckline and behind your ears. Be creative with your application - if you know you're going to be intimate, put some on the back of your knees or thighs.

There's no need to use the whole bottle at once to get results. Due to the high concentration of active pheromones in Silent Seduction® products, our formula has been proven to work wonders with as little as a single drop in some cases! Once you have applied the pheromones, they will begin to break down over a period of 4-6 hours. After that you can re-apply.

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