I would just like to say that I personally use pheromones. They actually do work and do get you attention to some extent. As long as you get one with the highest legal amount of pheromones inside them, you may notice some results. They are not a magic potion so don’t expect anything super magical to happen.


If you have done any research on the topic of picking up girls, you will have most likely come across the term ‘pheromones’ quite a few times. You may have though that they were just another fake product that was a quick money grab. There are quite a few companies out there producing pheromones now to attract women. Some are good; some are bad as you get with most products.


According to the dictionary the term pheromones means, “A pheromone is a chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology”  Until recently it was thought that they were only present in insects. Now we know that they are also present in many vertebrates, plants, and even humans. They basically are used to create a reaction in another thing without their knowledge or participation.

There are two types of pheromones you can buy. One is to attract women and one is to attract men. A Swedish study has shown that homosexual males and females will react to the pheromone that men use to attract the opposite sex. It also shows that males and lesbians will react to the pheromone that women use to attract the opposite sex. I use Silent Seduction pheromones, which are the only ones I can find in Canada. I have had some good results with them. You notice an increase in attention when you are in close proximity to girls. The types of girls that are attracted to you via pheromones are usually horny girls.

I just want to let everyone know that pheromones are not a magical solution to make girls want you. They merely increase the chances of being noticed by girls by a small margin. Some people will have better results than others. The best suggestion we have is to try the smallest bottle possible and see how it goes.  If you have good results with that, buy the bigger one, if you have poor results; don’t buy any more of that type.


Remember, you only need a very small amount of pheromones, around one drop, to have them become effective.


Happy Playing!


Unidentified Blogger, Canada

The first time I used my new bottle of Silent Seduction®, I was flying out of Toronto Pearson to Manchester, UK. At the check- in, I was checking the seating arrangements for the flight. I was upgraded to 1st class with a window seat for free. It seems that the flight was over booked, so I was asked to fly to London and then to Manchester plus $400.00 in certificates towards my next flight. In addition, I was given $50.00 for food while I was waiting for a connecting flight.

Now, I have flown many times and this has never happened before!

Was this a coincidence or what???
Mark- World Traveler, ON

"I have found that whatever your game, business or pleasure, Silent Seduction® will help you close the deal! Keep it handy for continued success. I don't leave home without it! It's like a good luck charm!"
Laurel-Bee Gees Fan, ON

When I began using Silent Seduction® pheromones nearly 2 years ago, many women in the office who had largely ignored me, and others I'd meet at local functions, began to take an interest in me, and what I had to say. Soon I was dating very attractive women and enjoying love and romance with my newfound confidence. It's fun when the younger guys turn to look and wonder what a beautiful younger woman is doing on the arm of a mature guy. I noticed on the rare days when I wasn't wearing it, reactions from new women I'd run into at random everywhere were much more subdued than when I was wearing Silent Seduction®.
James - Accountant ON

"Having that edge over the opposite sex, when they unknowingly don't know why they are attracted to me, makes me feel like I'm in charge. Thanks so much Silent Seduction® for turning around my sex life."
Mark - Business Sales, SK

"Thanks Silent Seduction®! I've got my 'mojo' back!!!
Robert - Purchasing Agent, AB

"It's amazing to see how men are drawn to me magnetically - they don't even notice my girlfriends."
Lynn - Sales Representative, ON

"I used to frequent the bars and it never seemed to get me anywhere, so I stopped going. A bunch of friends decided to go out one night and I thought - what a great time to try out Silent Seduction® for Men. Wow! I have never had so many great conversations with so many girls in one night!"
Stephano - Accountant, ON

"Silent Seduction® for Women is great! I have received amazing results over the past six months in both my professional and personal life."
Linda - Commercial Artist, BC

"I'm a skeptic first and foremost, but I wanted to see if all the hype was real, so I put on a few dabs of Silent Seduction® for Women before going to a party. I had guys following me around all night!"
Stephanie - Marketing Editor, BC

"Since using Silent Seduction® for Men, women react to me the way I've always hoped for - now I get all the looks from hot women instead of my buddies! I'm the one they envy now."
Shane - Bartender, ON

"I was at my desk one day and noticed a couple of guys that I work with had been lingering around me all day. I then realized that I had applied Silent Seduction® for Women that morning. Was I attracting men because of it? I decided to test it again by wearing it the next day with the same amazing results. I have worn it everyday since, and haven't looked back. Thank you Silent Seduction®."
Shari - Customer Service Rep., ON

"Amazing really. Without a word of a lie my tips have increased since wearing Silent Seduction® for Women everyday."
Beth - Restaurant Server, ON

Well I must say, I'm loving the Silent Seduction®!! I am only selfish with it sometimes and don't share, but more often than not I share it with my ladies when we go out on the town. I must say, it's quite fun to see the difference in amount of attention we get when wearing it! I love it, and all my friends now know what "Pheromones" are and love it too! Thanks so much...
Nicola- Office Administration, ON



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