Silent Seduction® pheromones are unique and dynamic; they work to create the best bonding between users and those that surround them. They have a capability to enhance your love life, open your mind, make communication come easily between you and partner, give an aura of confidence, dominance, attractiveness and arousal.

Our understanding of social behaviours has evolved from what we are biologically hard-wired with. Now more than ever, up and coming research solidifies the application of pheromones can affect preconditioned responses in humans.
Your pursuit of engaging your mate, attracting others and maintaining respect, can end here because Silent Seduction® pheromones can do all the above.

The topical application of Silent Seduction® pheromones has not only been scientifically proven to improve your sex life but also to improve all social aspects of your day-to-day living. Conclusive results have been obtained from researchers around the world confirming that pheromones change the way you are perceived and your sexual behaviours.

Increase your sex appeal and boost your confidence instantly! Then you will find you receive more looks and smiles, which in turn leads to more social dates and a higher chance of becoming intimate. Silent Seduction® can also help you rejuvenate your current relationship by more passionate, frequent lovemaking.

Wear pheromones at work and watch your status skyrocket! You will exude confidence. The more confident you are the more successful you'll be in both your career and your personal life. As well as exuding confidence, you will find you have a relaxing, easy effect on others - and they in turn will focus on you and show you intuitive respect.

If you're a sales person, you'll want to start using Silent Seduction® right away. Put on a dab of Silent Seduction® before meeting with your clients or customers - they'll gravitate to you for advice on what to buy. They'll be so at ease with your suggestions and feel a sense of calmness, bringing you one-step closer to closing the sale.

Silent Seduction® pheromone products do not contain any dyes, perfumes or added scents - so you can combine it with your favourite cologne, perfume or body spray. Dare to wear Silent Seduction® everyday!

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