The realm of research regarding pheromones is explosive. Today, more and more research becomes accessible and published. Scientists around the world have delved into the fascinating affects of pheromones and how they have altered our day-to-day living. Within the last twenty-five years scientists have discovered a “sixth-sense” now known as pheromones, the silent chemical messengers.

The Greek word "pheromones" signifies "carrying" and "excitement" - an apt name for chemicals that work silently on our behalf carrying the message to potential partners of our stimulated sexuality and heightened desires.

We use our pheromones in two ways: Signalers prompt behavioural reactions; and Primers cause physiological changes. The most common way we secrete pheromones is through our sweat, which gets washed off as we bathe. Then having swilled our magical social hormones down the drain, we cover most of our skin with clothes, deodorants and perfumes. Since we only secrete minimal amounts of pheromones anyway, this doesn't allow much chance for pheromones to work their natural wonders.

It has now been documented that smell can influence mood, memory, emotions, mate choice, the immune system and the endocrine system (hormones). We can communicate by smell - without knowing it. In fact the sense of smell could be said to be at the mind-body interface.

The good news is that Silent Seduction® pheromones can help you regain that silent messenger. When wearing Silent Seduction® pheromones, you'll notice that you possess more sex appeal, confidence, desire and experience more eye contact.

Silent Seduction® female pheromone infused products have synthetic copulins in them. This powerful female pheromone is naturally produced in women when ovulating. It draws men in closer because instinctively men are attracted to women who are ovulating. Biologically we are engineered to procreate, so this attraction is a natural way of females enticing men. When men smell copulins their testosterone levels instantly increase by 150%. For females, this ovulating pheromone makes them easily aroused and ready to engage in sex.

The optimal combination for men to attract women is androstenol and our androstenone-based formulas. These pheromones entice women by giving the user an aura of confidence, dominance, and protection, as well as highly attractive. You're the man that everyone looks at and wants to be, and in turn men are polite and respectful.

The marketplace is swamped with hundreds of brands and pheromone formulations. To help sell their product, some providers use the title word "pheromone," and by doing so, imply a scientific superiority. In fact, they contain no active pheromones. Silent Seduction® pheromones are superior - because we guarantee that our product does contain the active pheromones that will help fuel your fire.

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