Happy June Everyone,

We always love this time of year!!  People all seem to be a little happier and most have that extra little jump in their step.  For those who don't as you all know they may just need a couple of drops of Silent Seduction® everyday to turn that ship around.

Wanted to send out a big congratulations to our May 2013 winner of a 10mL bottle of Silent Seduction®  Jimmy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is our big winner and only our second ever winner from the United States.  Jimmy sounds like a fun guy who's just a little down on his luck with the ladies right now.  Well here's hoping a little pheromone boost is all Jimmy needs to get a leg up on the competition.

With summer just around the corner we would lie to remind all of you to keep an eye on how much Silent Seduction® you have on hand.  The offices will be closed for close to a month this summer as we take a well deserved extended holiday.  Once the dates are confirmed we will send out an email to all of you.

May was a funny blend of regular and new customers ordering Silent Seduction® products.  Our new customers seem more inclined to try our entire product line and the customers who have been with us since the beginning tend to go with our concentrated formulas.  The conclusion for me seems to be don't mess with a good thing….

If you have yet to visit and or "Like" us on Facebook please pop by for a visit!

Thank you one and all for your continued support!!  Enjoy the rest of your spring!!


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