Sexual attraction is real, but people don’t get that it’s not just about someone being visually stimulating. They have a scent that we as animals react to sexually. And according to researchers, gay men respond to these “scents” the same way women do. Another reason why we’re best friends!

Everyone knows what pheromones are. They’re the chemicals inside us that are emitted on other people to evoke certain kinds of behavior. It’s most famous virtue is sexual behavior! In men, our pheromones are emitted from our sweat – no wonder I do a double take when I see men running shirtless on the street.

Apparently they did a test in Sweden (the land of the blondes) where men and women were tested on their reactions to these scents. Women’s pheromones are in their urine and other vagina emissions (right?) and in men they come out in their sweat glands. After testing their reactions to the other, they found that neurons in the brain were going crazy when they smelled them.

Well, of course they tested it with gay guys – and low and behold, they found that we had the same reactions as the women did. Goes to show that gay chemistry is real!

Visual attraction is certainly one thing, but anyone who has been in a relationship knows the kind of chemistry I’m talking about. To be really scientific about it, it’s not JUST the pheromones that make a bond (though they certainly help), but the scent also sends us a data report on the other’s eating habits, general health, and lifespan in some cases.

In the straight world, the scent is supposed to help you decide which person will collaborate with your genes to produce healthy offspring. In the gay world, it will help you decide which person will collaborate with your workout schedule to produce a healthy credit score. Same difference.

It takes more than sexual attraction to produce a great relationship. Love is an acquired feeling, however it is jump started by the most basic of scientific bonding within the brains. When someone says they have chemistry, they really mean it! This is where the term “love at first sight” has sprung from.

There are those rare cases when two people see each other, talk for a few minutes, and instantly are connected – they just know it! I’ve spoken to a lot of couples who knew they met “the one” after the first date. There was little to no effort in trying to impress or pretending to care more than they did – these people experienced chemical reactions to one another. Their brains started activating various parts which signaled them towards each other in a bonding way.

This my friends, is chemistry – and you can’t fake it. No matter how hard you try.

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