Welcome to May Everyone!!

Ok Mother Nature played a cruel joke with what she served up for spring weather in April.  It appears we are turning the corner and everyone is resurfacing after a long drawn out winter.

After a record number people entered to win a bottle of Silent Seduction® in April we have a winner.  Congratulations go out to Patrick from Mississauga, Ontario.  Patrick has never tried pheromones and is looking forward to experimenting for the first time.  As many of you know Patrick is in for a real eye opener. 

Now that the nicer weather is upon us it becomes even more important for us to top up our natural pheromones.  The visual element really picks up as the spring and summer wardrobes are unleashed from their hiding place in the closet.  A simple 2 or 3 drop application of Silent Seduction® per day will help you get the edge over others at work and at play.

A big thank you goes to all of our new customers and all our customers who re-ordered Silent Seduction® in April.  We could not do what we do without our loyal customers and we are very grateful.

Pop by and visit our Facebook page and don't forget to "Like" us while your there.  We thank you in advance.    https://www.facebook.com/SilentSeductionPheromones?ref=hl

Have a wonderful May everyone!!!

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